Winter Wonder Wash Terms


Terms/Conditions & Vehicle Restrictions

  • By attending the Winter Wonder Wash, Attendees voluntarily accept and agree to release and hold harmless Russell Fischer Partnership and its officers, employees, volunteers, and agents from and and all responsibility and/or liability for injury, harm, damage, death, cost or expense arising directly or indirectly from attending the Tunnel of Terror. All sales are final.

  • All guests must remain in their vehicles at all times with a seatbelt securely fastened.

  • All guests must wear face masks during the experience when their vehicle windows are open.

  • Guests riding in a vehicle together that are not part of the same household must wear a face mask at all times. Event staff will be wearing personal protective equipment as required by CDC guidelines.

  • No alcohol or drugs allowed. You will not be allowed to proceed if you are suspected to be under the influence.

  • No smoking or vaping at any time.

  • The speed limit is 3 mph.

  • Strobe Lights in Use

  • Absolutely no touching of lights or Props

  • Russell Fischer Partnership and its partners will not be responsible for any items that may fall out of the vehicle.

  • Please be aware Russell Fischer is not responsible for collisions caused by braking or driving in the wash tunnel.

  • Russell Fischer is not responsible for damage to any non factory installed items, wheel covers or caps, windshield crack expansion, loose vehicle equipment or trim, bug shields, antennas, wiper blades, spoilers, roof racks, emblems or badges, and side mirrors.

    Russell Fischer is not responsible for damage to any vehicle older than 5 years.

  • Russell Fischer is not responsible for valuables left in vehicles or on site, convertible tops or plastic window covers, water damage from windows or sunroofs not rolled up, pre-existing damage, altered or modified vehicles, antennas not lowered or removed by you, and damages to non-foldable or custom mirrors.

  • We are not responsible for any damage claims after the vehicle has left the property.

  • All vehicles/drivers are required to have current car insurance, and the driver must have a valid driver’s license. The driver will be held liable for any damage, costs or injuries that may occur from neglect or recklessness.

  • All guests voluntarily participate in the event and assume any and all risks of bodily injury, hazards, and dangers, whether those risks are known or unknown, arising from or relating in any way to the risk of contracting a communicable disease or illness (including but not limited to exposure to COVID-19, a bacteria, virus, or other pathogens capable of causing infectious disease or illness). Whether occurring before, during, or after the event, however, caused or contracted, and hereby waives all claims and potential claims against the Russell Fischer Partnership and partners relating to such risks.


PLEASE NOTE vehicles with the following WILL NOT be able to go through our tunnel:

  • Vehicles wider than 70″ from inside driver tire to outside passenger tire

  • Trucks with beds containing fuel tanks

  • Trucks with uncovered beds that are not completely empty and free of any kind of debris

  • Trucks with dual rear tires

  • Vehicles with permanently affixed, tripod-style mirrors

  • Vehicles with large ladder racks, ladders, or light bars

  • Vehicles that sit 5″ or lower to the ground

  • Vehicles with tires wider than 12.5″

  • Vehicles with bike racks or any rear-mounted rack

  • Vehicles with any after market part that sticks out.

Detail Service A La Carte Options

Headlight Restoration

Make Your Headlights Look Like New. Complete Headlight Restoration to Remove All Yellowing and Oxidation.

Water Spots

Starting At $65 Per Panel Water Spots Won’t Come Off Your Paint? Add Water Spot Removal To Any Service. Extra Fees For Vehicles That Have Extreme Water Spots Or Large Surface Area Of Water Spots.

Seat Express

Clean And Condition Seats

Paint Overspray

Starting At $75 Per Panel Have Paint Overspray? Colorsanding Is The Solution To Make Your Paint Look Like New. Extra Fees For Additional Overspray Or Large Surface Area Of Overspray.

Carpet Spot Clean

Spill On Your Carpet? Add On A Carpet Spot Clean To Any Service To Remove Annoying Spill.

Dash & Door Clean

Add On A Dash And Door Clean To Any Service.

A La Carte Options

Hand Wash


Add Clay Bar


Air Freshener


Chemical Wheel Clean


Color Sand

Ask for Quote

Tire Dressing




Hydrosilex Wheels


Triple Polish Wax












Premium Wheel Clean


Seat Spot Clean


Triple Polish Wax