Xpress Car Wash


A Happy Car in 15 Minutes or Less! Starting at just $10!
Check out our Xpress Car Wash location in Huntington Beach.

Diamond Xpress Wash Package

Diamond Xpress

$20Single Wash
$40Per Month
Unlimited Washes
  • Includes Gold
  • Interior / Exterior Clean
  • Dash And Console Dusted
  • Windows Cleaned
  • Mirrors Cleaned
  • Interior Vacuum
  • Air Gun Detail

Happy car in under 15-Minutes. Dry, Vacuum, & Tire Shine Completed by Hand.

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Gold Xpress Wash Package

Gold Xpress

$15Single Wash
$30Per Month
Unlimited Washes
  • Includes Silver
  • Ceramic Weather Shield
  • Hand Dry And Shine
  • Triple Foam Polish
  • Carnauba Hot Wax
  • Tire & Rim Cleaner
  • Air Freshener
  • Dash Wipe
  • Tire Shine

Happy car in under 5-Minutes. Dry, Vacuum, & Tire Shine Completed by Hand.

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Silver Xpress Wash Package

Silver Xpress

$10Single Wash
$25Per Month Unlimited Washes
  • Vacuum
  • Spot-free Rinse
  • Bug-Off Presoak
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Interested in purchasing a one-time car wash only? Go here and pick your car wash of choice. 

How the Xpress Wash Works

Step 1 Drive Up

Step 1: Drive Up

Drive up to the XPT Machine and select a wash package. If you are a Fast Pass customer, the gates will automatically open when your vehicle’s Fast Pass windshield tag is read by the Fast Pass reader at the gate.

Step 2 Scrub

Step 2: Scrub

Once your wash begins, sit back and relax! A series of rotating neoprene brushes scrub the vehicle and remove particles of dirt. These brushes are dirt-proof but retain moisture. This provides you ease of mind knowing that our rotating brushes will not damage your paint.

Step 3 Rinse And Dry

Step 3: Rinse & Dry

This final step before drying treats the remaining water, making it easy for the blowers to strip the water away for a vehicle that’s clean, shiny and dry.


Step 4 Touch Up

Step 4: Touch-Up

Upon exiting the tunnel, place your car back in drive and pull forward to the vacuum area. The exterior will be hand-dried by one of our team members. If you purchased a package with Tire Shine, it will be applied.


Daily Car Wash Deals

Daily Deals Soapy Sunday
Daily Deals $2 Off Wednesdays


Russell Fischer reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. The products in all Wash Packages displayed on the menu may vary by brand & are subject to availability.

  • All Wash Package features & prices are subject to change without notice.

  • Please be aware Russell Fischer is not responsible for collisions caused by braking or driving in the wash tunnel.

  • Russell Fischer takes pride in the safety of our wash equipment. Russell Fischer is not responsible for damage to any non factory installed items, wheel covers or caps, windshield crack expansion, loose vehicle equipment or trim, bug shields, antennas, wiper blades, spoilers, roof racks, emblems or badges, and side mirrors.

  • Russell Fischer is not responsible for damage to any vehicle older than 5 years.

  • Russell Fischer is not responsible for valuables left in vehicles or on site, convertible tops or plastic window covers, water damage from windows or sunroofs not rolled up, pre-existing damage, altered or modified vehicles, antennas not lowered or removed by you, and damages to non-foldable or custom mirrors.

  • Russell Fischer is not responsible for lockouts caused by alarms. Please turn off your alarm.

  • Truck beds must be empty and clear of all debris.

  • Regular washes will not remove hard water spots, bird waste, weather damage, tree sap and other environmental damages.

  • We are not responsible for any damage claims after the vehicle has left the property.

Detail Service A La Carte Options

Headlight Restoration

Make Your Headlights Look Like New. Complete Headlight Restoration to Remove All Yellowing and Oxidation.

Water Spots

Starting At $65 Per Panel Water Spots Won’t Come Off Your Paint? Add Water Spot Removal To Any Service. Extra Fees For Vehicles That Have Extreme Water Spots Or Large Surface Area Of Water Spots.

Seat Express

Clean And Condition Seats

Paint Overspray

Starting At $75 Per Panel Have Paint Overspray? Colorsanding Is The Solution To Make Your Paint Look Like New. Extra Fees For Additional Overspray Or Large Surface Area Of Overspray.

Carpet Spot Clean

Spill On Your Carpet? Add On A Carpet Spot Clean To Any Service To Remove Annoying Spill.

Dash & Door Clean

Add On A Dash And Door Clean To Any Service.

A La Carte Options

Hand Wash


Add Clay Bar


Air Freshener


Chemical Wheel Clean


Color Sand

Ask for Quote

Tire Dressing




Hydrosilex Wheels


Triple Polish Wax












Premium Wheel Clean


Seat Spot Clean


Triple Polish Wax